Message from Vice Chairman

Dear parents and students,

In the era of 21st century our children’s education is the most complex and challenging issue of our times. it is not just a local concern but a subject of great national deliberation. Even as the country has witnessed vast advances towards globalization and technology makes life much easier of our society, education remains largely unchanged with its 19th century objectives and ethics intact.

Even now these days the children are becoming mature very fast. To give them a perfect blend of our cultural values and the true education of 21st century our Hon’ble Founder/Chairman Mr. Ativeer Singh Yadav has established the Mount Litera Zee School Etawah in the year of 2011 with the belief that "Not every child will do something bigger in his/her life but s/he can do something great in his life." The sole aim of establishing Mount Litera Zee School Etawah to give the complete education to our future generations so that whenever they will ready to take their first step towards their new life beyond the walls of the school and the comfort zone of their guardians/parents at that moment nothing can slow them to foster their aspirations.

India is growing at very fast pace, As the world knows that we have the most of our population considered as youth but unfortunately I wonder why after the so-called "good" education, youth all over the country feel so much hopelessness and lack of direction. The power of youth if aligned with right direction and right amount of power will do wonders. So it is our responsibility as an elders/parents/guardians and as educators to empower our future generations as well as the teachers not only to keep themselves within the four walls of the class room but to achieve their goals at the global level. In Mount Litera Zee School Etawah we believe that education is not only limited to the four walls of the classroom, a school has to provide education beyond from the walls of the classroom. To strengthen the foundation of the future We MLZS Etawah started to give opportunity to a Mount Literian to take a step beyond from the classroom like fieldtrips, various NCERT activities and through many indoor activities to achieve the maximum learning level & practical aspects of life.

Now these days education is more dynamic and relevant than ever because every individual learns and perceives things in his/her own unique way. Surely, the change we need in education today is far more than reduce the weight of our children's school bag, replace a few books, integrate the multiple intelligences or better technology, and train our teachers in the methods that accelerate learning? To accomplish that we need to do things differently and also we need to do different things can unravel the gems hidden in each child and each child to become, at the same time, an instrument of profound social transformation.

(Vice Chairman)

Vikas Yadav (Vice Chairman)
Mount Litera Zee School