Message from Principal

Dear Parents & young friends,

We welcome you to the Mount Litera Zee School. We at MLZS continue our march towards academic excellence paving the roads to the future. The keywords innovation, excitement, support & developments but the efforts have manifolds. In fact life is such a boat of ambitions through which every person desire to drive success and achieve their goal but it is quiet impossible to achieve the goal without education. As the education is the process of humanizing people so our aim is not just to create another face in the crowd but to nurture each student in to developing a personality which has to resolve to do nation proud. Love, tolerance. brotherhood, humanity, patriotism, courage to bear the life’s contingencies and to take up cudgels on behalf of the under privileged are the hallmarks of our students. In order to sustain the Indian traditions and culture, the school fraternity inculcates values and principles in the students. The concept and motive of contemporary education is to look beyond simple literacy, with an Endeavor on adding depth to existing practices knowledge imparted. Education imparted at any level should be such that it last for a life time and not forgotten with successive classes. It is the most powerful tool of man making. With technology boom and no dearth of information at hand, we sure have an opportunity to bring excellence from every child. The changes that are being brought out teach the need to go beyond the realms of curriculum and make each subject interesting enough for students to induce in them the voracious thirst for supplementary information.
Mount Litera Zee School has always in its Endeavor to impart complete education believed in wholesome education that enhances Intelligence quotient, Emotional quotient and Spiritual quotient. The school incorporates in its milieu, all that is universally good in thoughts, words and deeds. It stands for secular and ethical values and enlightenment of the students in a way that permits the students to grow up without any prejudice. The school pursues an academic procedure with a view to ensure excellence in curricular and extracurricular activities. It is our Endeavor to make education a meaningful experience.


Mr. Pankaj Sharma (Principal)
Mount Litera Zee School