Examinations, Attendance & Promotions

1. Attendance besides pass percentage in every subject, a minimum 75% of attendance is compulsory for promotion, in spite of his or her good academic performance. Attendance in all periodicals. Terminals tests and practical exams is compulsory. Only medical leave can be granted during the examinations on production of a proper medical certificate. Any student returning to school after illness should produce a medical certificate.
Students suffering from any infectious disease shall take leave under intimation and shall produce fitness certificate from a doctor for attending the school.
Leave application should be sent in advance in case of absence from school, except on grounds of sudden illness. The name of the student will be removed from the rolls for continuous absence of 15 days without intimation to the school. At the discretion of the Principal, the student will be readmitted on payment of readmission charges.
2. Examinations & promotions: Exams/promotion/evaluation is based on the CBSE policies from time to time. Format examinations are abolished in pre-primary, class-I and II and assessment of the student will be determined on CCE, classes III to V will have only three terminal exams spread throughout the year besides internals (assignments, projects) pass percentage in every subject and in aggregate is 33. No retests will be conducted for any examination even the student is absent on medical grounds.
3. The annual results will be declared in the third/fourth week of March every year. Any due of fee of the year should be paid for awarding the annual achievement record to the student.
4. Students of all classes are expected to get qualifying grade for clear promotion. If any student in class VI and X acquires the grade other than the qualifying grade, one more opportunity will be given to clear the subject and otherwise the student will have to repeat the class.
5. Promotions from one standard to the higher will strictly be on conduct and progress of the pupil during the year and in accordance with rules framed by the school from time to time. The decision of the Principal in matters of promotion shall be final and no representations either for promotion or for detention shall be entertained. Pupils, Who repeat the same class for two consecutive years, shall not be allowed to continue in the school
Parent – Teachers Meeting
  • Parents – teachers, meetings will be conducted periodically. These meetings are intended to review the pupil’s performance in the presence of parents, students, and subject teachers. The meetings should help to sort out all matters on merit in a spirit of harmony in consonance with the MLZS philosophy. The cordial and mutual discussions between parents and teachers/principal should ultimately help students to improve their performance with collective effort of the school and parents. Suggestions from both ends are welcome to implement new programmes towards improvement in academic standards. Cultural and moral values, sports and other activities.
  • Parents are expected not to meet and disturb the teacher during school working hours.
  • Discipline and conduct: Great emphasis is laid on discipline, punctuality, regularity in attendance, and respect to elders and fundaments moral values. The outlook is secular but based on spiritual foundation. Students are encouraged to understand and practice their own faiths. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities fully in this regard.
Students can be asked to leave or dismissed from the school on the following grounds.
  • Indiscipline
  • Unsatisfactory progress in academics
  • On repeating the same class for two years.
  • Nonpayment of school fees.
Transfer certificate
  • Any parent intends to take transfer certificate in the middle of academic year, should submit a written application in advance of one month or one month’s fee in lieu thereof:
  • Any parent intends to withdraw his/her ward at the end of the academic year, should submit a written application in the month of March/April only for collecting the TC immediately after the annual results are declared.
  • In all cases, no dues certificate should be submitted along with the application for issue of transfer certificate
  • The school on valid reasons issues bona fide/study certificate to any student on submission of written application from parents.
  • On repeating the same class for two years.