We trim students into disciplined citizens and yet we don't believe in turning them into tamed pygmies. we are here to create a generation of courageous young men and women who can face harsh realities of life. We make scholars but not bookworms; players but not doping machines, we empower teachers but don't let them become mini- dictators. We understand that only quality education can help them tide-over the challenges ahead. A well-knit schedule of activities aims at grooming them into well-rounded personalities. Only quality education, which is a synthesis of the cultural and the modern, can prepare them to face the battle of life. In short, we assure a harmonious and holistic development of the child.
The students are prepared for All India senior secondary school Examination of the C.B.S.E., New Delhi. The school comprises of :
  • Nursery to Sr. K.G. (Vatika Wing)
  • I to III standard (Takshila Wing)
  • IV to XII standard (Gurukul Wing)
The curriculum includes English, Hindi, French, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Physics, chemistry, Biology, Social Science, Art & Craft, and Instrumental and vocal Music, Dance, Moral Science, Physical Education, Health Education, General knowledge and Computer Science. The medium of instruction is English throughout the school. Hindi and Sanskrit are taught as 2nd languages.

The school year consist of two main terms with a short break in between :
  • Mid May to June (Summer Vacation).
  • End December to early January (Winter Vacation).
We have a short Diwali break for five days.
Examination & Evaluations
Vatika Wing (Nursery-UKG)
School follows system of evaluation in which emphasis is given on holistic development of the children. In continuous and comprehensive evaluation children are assessed Scholastically and co-scholastically in which brain and muscular activities are taken into account. Whole academic session is comprises of three Evaluation Examinations & three Booster examinations (E1+B1, E2+B2, E3+B3). Children are given promotion to the higher stage after examining their up- gradation from one level to another.
Takshila & Gurukul (I-XII)
As we know growth of a child is a continuous process not an event, keeping this thought in the mind children are assessed in Continuous and Comprehensive system which ensures Scholastic and Co-Scholastic development of the children, under this system of evaluation whole academic session is divided in two terms.
  • Term-1 FA-1+FA-2+SA-1 10%+ 10%+ 30% =50%
  • Term-2 FA-3+FA-4+SA-2 10% + 10%+ 30% =50%
  • School has a system of assessment through class work, home work and periodical tests and these reports are sent to the parents from time to time.
  • Parents will be informed individually and periodically on the natural tendencies of their children and necessary guidance given for further studies and specialization by the school whenever required.